Christmas is just around the corner, and the people here in Las Vegas are gearing up for it. People are fixing up their Las Vegas luxury homes with tinsels and lanterns, local businesses are putting up displays and products fit for the season, and the streets are being adorned with Christmas lights and other decorations. The weather’s also spicing up the mood, with a bit of a chillier wind adding to the Yuletide atmosphere.

Vacationers have always considered Las Vegas as a prime destination for the holidays, even though the city doesn’t give off a ‘family-friendly vacation’ vibe. Actually, the local hotels and entertainment establishments have made a more serious effort to become more appealing to families on vacation for Christmas. Here are a few holiday ideas and spots to think of if the family is planning a Yuletide hideaway in the city.

Winter Fun in the Desert

If there is one thing a person visiting Las Vegas for the holidays is not expecting to see, it’s definitely snow. Outsiders may be surprised to find that it does snow in town, although it’s only a very small amount, it doesn’t happen regularly, and it melts on the same day it falls. Enjoying a White Christmas isn’t something a vacationing family would expect to experience here. Even so, vacationers and locals can still have some winter-style fun courtesy of various winter-oriented amusement spots.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas offers a spacious outdoor ice rink where people can enjoy an hour or two gliding with grace, or at least having fun sharing awkward tumbles and slips with friends and family. They even offer snow showers provided by an in-house snow machine and warm winter cocktails. For the more adventurous types, there’s also the snow drifts and slopes of Lee Canyon, which offer both basic and advanced courses for skiers and snow boarders. Just remember to pack light on the winter gear; even in the higher altitudes of Lee Canyon, temperatures can still reach the high 70s, especially at midday.

A Unique Take on Christmas Carols

The season isn’t really complete without the classical tunes to add to the atmosphere. A bit of ‘Silver Bells’ in this store or some segments of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ in that hotel can be enough to remind the world-weary traveler that the season is nigh for presents and quiet Christmas dinners. Of course, since it’s in Las Vegas, there will definitely be a change of pace from the usual style of caroling and Christmas music.

Everybody’s heard of the Bellagio’s famous dancing fountains; their unique waterworks display dances and sways to the beat of the music, with an additional light show to liven up the scenery. While they usually play current pop hits or classical tunes, when the Yuletide season rolls along, things get a major facelift. If one is planning to stay up in town, don’t forget to put a visit to the Bellagio’s fountains and enjoy the holiday-only-lights-sounds-and-water-show with a close friend or a significant other.

Experience the Streets

Fremont Street Experience has become one of the more iconic spots in downtown Las Vegas in recent years. Aside from the usual tourist traps of glitzy stores and unique restaurants, the pedestrian shopping center is also the only place in Las Vegas where casinos turn down their outdoor lights, even for a short moment, as the regular lights and sounds show goes into full swing on the barrel canopy. It’s a great experience to have, especially when one already has experienced the fountain light show at the Bellagio.

The pretty visuals and buyers’ delights aren’t just the only attraction in this dainty little street. There are always free shows on any of the two stages in the area, providing a treat to various music lovers. Whether it is pop rock, acoustic, jazz or any other genre in between, there is sure to be a performance to love here. Vacationers planning to stay over for the New Year’s celebrations can also hang out with the street revelers in the FSE, where most of the city will be enjoying the festivities when the clock strikes twelve.

There’s always something new to experience in Las Vegas. Even the familiar spots and places that people see on TV will have a surprise or two to offer to the holiday vacationer. Enjoy the Las Vegas holidays, everyone!