Meet Windermere Prestige Properties’ Premier Directors, our specialists that handle our top-of-the-line clients and properties within the Las Vegas luxury homes scene.



  1. outstanding; of the highest quality
  2. not usual; atypical

This is how Windermere sees premier properties: they’re exceptional in both senses of the word. And our Premier Directors treat them as exceptions: giving your property the individual attention, specialized management, and high-end marketing all one-of-a-kind investments deserve.

This is the kind of program you won’t see anywhere else, where front-line agents pair with Premier Directors, leveraging networks of upscale clientele to get your property in front of the right buyers.
Let us put you in the best possible hands: the Windermere Premier Directors – and let them showcase your exceptional offering to the world.

White Glove Treatment

Working with Windermere, you’re always in good hands. We have the local agents and dedicated support staff, the niche specialists and passionate property managers. And we have Premier Directors for those properties that demand special attention.

Because sometimes you need the white glove treatment. You need access to a network of affluent clientele – and access to the kind of marketing affluence expects.

Windermere Premier Directors are your personal protagonists, providing premium photography and strategic promotion to address and impress the correct audience (people serious about buying your property).

Contact a Windermere Premier Director to get started today.