We’re In This Together

Windermere Community Service DayWe’ll admit it: Windermere agents love to help out. Once a day each year, the agents and staff of Windermere Prestige Properties go out of the offices and take a break from dealing with Las Vegas luxury properties to help make a positive difference in Las Vegas. We help fix up schools, pack and donate shoes to less-fortunate kids, and take part in community-sponsored volunteer events. We call it our Community Service Day.
Community Service Day is an annual tradition that has carried on among Windermere offices across the country, tracing its roots to 1984. Nearly 30 years on and with over one million hours of community service in the bag, the tradition lives on, continuing to help change the lives of low-income families every year. To us at Windermere Prestige Properties, Community Service Day is our chance to get hands-on in helping out, participating in activities like:

  • Sorting, bagging, and distributing school uniforms to children of low income families
  • Designing, building, painting and staging a custom pantry store for items donated to homeless teens
  • Sorting, tagging, and delivering shoes to kids in need
  • Landscape maintenance and mail room and gift-shop assistance for St. Jude Ranch for Children

The annual Community Service Days have given us a chance to give back to Las Vegas as a part of our social responsibility, and as recognition for their continued patronage. We hope that you can join us in our Community Service Days advocacy.