Putting your luxury real estate in Las Vegas up for sale is a tricky matter that must not be taken likely. For a sale to succeed, you must always keep the “3 C’s” in mind: curb appeal, clutter, and cleanliness. Buyers will always look to homes that have attractive exteriors, spacious-looking and well-maintained rooms. Check out the list below to help keep the 3 C’s appealing to prospective buyers.

Keeping the exterior appealing usually involves a new coat of paint. Chip out any peeling paint or sagging tiles. Clean out any moss or shrubbery growths that have clung to your house walls.

Nothing turns off prospective buyers more than an unkempt yard. Remember to regularly prune your trees and shrubs, mow the grass, and weed any flower plots. Keep any oil away from your yard’s pathways.

Same thing goes for your house’s patio. Keep it cleaned, remove growing moss or shrubs, and have it re-painted before being put up for sale. Inspect all railings and floorboards, and replace any of those have been damaged or worn out.

Doors and Windows
Aside from the usual re-application of paint, make sure that door jambs, window panes, and hinges are in top shape and functional. Broken panes and jambs are not only a terrible sight to see, but can also cause potential accidents if they suddenly break off. Check hinges to ensure that they are well-oiled and are not loose.

Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room
Give the room a fresh coat of paint if necessary. Neutral colors work well with most rooms. Clean carpets and rugs to remove any stains and unpleasant odors. Position the furniture to showcase the size and space of the room. Keep toys, family photos, books and other personal effects out of the room during a visit, as these can sometimes be a cause for awkwardness with some buyers. Maximize the lighting in a room whenever possible, either through opened drapes or indoor lighting for rooms without access to windows.

Avoid cluttering so many items on your kitchen countertops. Keep the whole kitchen cleaned, and its utensils well-organized. Ensure that the faucets are not leaking.

Like kitchens, any leaks in the faucets and other water sources and paths within the bathroom must be fixed prior to a viewing. Fix all gaps and spots where tiles have to be, and replace curtains where possible. Remove personal effects as well.

The key point of a bedroom that sells is the bed. Keep the bed tidy and well-maintained; an unkempt bed is a clear sign of house neglect. Natural lighting must be maintained at all times. Repaint the walls where necessary, and secure all wallpapers. Put away personal effects as well.

Basements usually suffer from leaking pipes, excessive clutter, and musky odors due to being sealed up most of the time. Check out pipes running in the basement and seal out any possible leaks, de-clutter and arrange any items you have stored in the basement, and clear out any musky smells that hang out in the area through air fresheners and the like. Clean up any cobwebs that may have formed. Fix the lighting accordingly as well.