RY BootcampWho would dare to conduct a two-day Children’s Bootcamp in the throws of the Las Vegas Summer heat? Well, if it was an “Educational Bootcamp,” then Windermere Prestige Properties would be the first to enlist.

On June 28th and 29th, Windermere Prestige Properties and the Marty Hennessy’s Inspiring Children Foundation came together with the objective of providing a curriculum of practical business and life tools to a classroom setting. Windermere Prestige Properties spear-headed the curriculum and enlisted the help of over 15 of their agents and staff to volunteer for the event. The children who attended, were all participants in the Inspiring Children program and ranged in ages 13 to 20.

Sessions covered everything from a group panel on career choices to real estate and finance. The children received insights on how to manage money, establish credit and create budgets and retirements. A real estate track was devoted to teaching the children how to rent and prepare for buying a home and what they could expect in the process. An introduction to the business world included subjects on marketing, advertising and branding, how to manage events, creative writing and social media.

Also included in the agenda, was International speaker Matt Ferrara and founder of the Matt Ferrara Learning Network. His exuberant personality and philosophies on life and career were a highlight for the children. As the two day event concluded, a small recognition ceremony was held for all the attendees.

About Marty Hennessy’s Inspiring Children Foundation:

The Foundation’s goal is to provide the ultimate environment for a child to become their best in all areas of life, including: academics, athletics, interpersonal skills, leadership, and character development. We hope to arm our youth with the tools to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and in their relationships with themselves, their family members and others.

Their program is designed to go deeper into the subjects of life, excellence, success and the pursuit of happiness. In the end, our long term goal is to help our youth become professionals in life, and to find peace of mind, so they can share this wisdom with their family, friends and communities as leaders and examples of extraordinary living.