The year has gone by pretty fast, and now December is already well under way. A lot of things have happened across Las Vegas this year, with many things taking the locals by surprise in a lot of aspects. The local markets have been shaken up a bit by new developments and the changing political scene.

Not to be outdone, the market for Las Vegas luxury homes has been quite bus. It has been a rollercoaster ride for the market with new developments coming up, and once-dormant luxury residential projects coming back to life after a couple of years. There have been so many new and exciting residential properties that have come up for sale this year, each offering a unique blend of features to the prospective buyer. Have a peek at some of the most sought-after luxury real estate currently up for sale in Las Vegas at the last month of the year.

2 RUE DE CHATEAU PL – $1,999,500

There isn’t really much to say about this upscale Lake Las Vegas mansion, aside from the fact it is absolutely gorgeous. The prospective owner can be happy with its offering of five bedrooms and four baths, making the most out of its living space. One can relax in the covered patio and balcony, giving them a stunning view of the neighborhood. Guests can also be welcomed into the sunroom with its comfortable seats and ample natural lighting. The property sits just a short walk away from the stunning Las Vegas Wash which is the centerpiece of the Lake Las Vegas community. A segment of the community’s golf course is right next to the backyard, a good plus point for owners who like to get to the fairways fast. This Tuscan-style property is the perfect getaway for those who like a taste of a Mediterranean oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert. Prices start around $1,999,500 for those interested with this home.

71 ISLEWORTH DR – $1,099,995

Anthem remains to be a top choice for possible home buyers who are looking for the comforts of an exclusive gated neighborhood situated in the Henderson area. It is the perfect example of a ‘Goldilocks’-type property: not too big, not too small, not too far nor too near to the city center, and right at the heart of the Anthem luxury neighborhood to boot. The trees add a sense of warmth to this suburban retreat, and also accentuates the sandy colors of the home exteriors. The excellent layout of the windows provides a lot of space for natural lighting inside. The yards are spacious and easy to maintain, as well. If that seems insufficient, the usual trappings of Anthem Country Club can add up to the creature comforts that prospective owners can enjoy. At $1,099,995, this home is quite a steal of a deal.

2673 BOBOLI CT – $6,250,000


Speaking of top pick luxury properties around Henderson, this unique Seven Hills townhouse might tickle the fancy of those looking for a property that sets itself apart from others. It boasts a modern and unconventional approach to home design, and it is not just for aesthetic purposes either. The unique setup actually provides a lot of room for the air to come in, adding to the comfort of a leisurely afternoon or giving respite after a long and hot summer day when the family is resting on the upper porch or the nearby family room. The desert landscaping combined with the hilly backdrop makes this home a true standout piece of real estate. It might be a bit hefty at $6,250,000, but it sure is worth its price and more.

1187 MACDONALD RANCH DR – $8,999,900

Step away from the hot and happening segments of urban Las Vegas and step into a new zone of comfort with this luxurious MacDonald Ranch mansion. Space and size are deciding factors for this property, with a large number of guest and family rooms to choose from and use. Modern meets classical with its combination of marble fittings and advanced appliances, which can be a treat to homemakers. The spacious private yard is great for family gatherings or private parties with friends and coworkers over the weekend. This has everything a large family can ever hope to have in a home, and with its proximity to many vital locations and establishments, it just keeps getting better. One will have to save up for this classy property however, as it stands at around $8,999,900.

39 SKYBIRD CT – $4,999,900

Of course, the equally dazzling residences of The Ridges will not be left behind when it comes to prospective home offerings. This particular two-story home is the ultimate combination of privacy and comfort in one nifty package. Spacious on the inside and out, it comes standard with plenty of elbow room for extra customizations and additions, although the provided features and amenities alone can provide an excellent living experience for the prospective home buyer. Aesthetics-wise, the stone-and-tile finish allows it to blend in with the surroundings, and is a sight to see from any angle. Porches and balconies give the home a commanding view of the surroundings, the Vegas skyline, and even the starry canopy of the Las Vegas night sky on a clear evening. Its $4,999,900 price tag is definitely fitting for it with the kind of features that it offers.

As the year draws to a close, now may be a good time to plan which properties to own in Las Vegas. There are so many more that the city has in store, and any buyer would sure be overwhelmed. Plan the home purchases well, and coordinate with a Windermere Prestige Properties agent to make the most out of each buy.