High-rise luxury condominiums are quite the newsmakers in Las Vegas these days. Among the top Las Vegas luxury properties, high-rises exude a unique sense of urbane sophistication, mostly because of the way they were designed. What’s more, many of these exclusive condominiums are located in some of the finest urban community centers in town. The combination of exclusive urban luxury and excellent positioning makes high-rises a popular choice for the city’s elite.

Condo living has its own kind of appeal that makes it one of the more popular residency options in the city. Of course, the appeal isn’t just the only reason why many people flock to high-rise homes. Condominiums offer a number of advantages that can put them ahead of other types of residences. A few of those benefits are noted below.

Equipped and Secured

Two of the main criteria for purchasing a new home are access to a host of excellent amenities and all-around security. The former is a given, especially when the prospective buyer is looking at fully-refurbished properties. The latter on the other hand is situational; what one buyer may consider as decent security may not be enough for another. One can make or break a home purchasing deal solely on amenities and security features alone.

Condominiums tend to offer both in a way that’s uniquely different from how they are offered in most planned neighborhoods. Many high-rises not only offer 24-hour security, but also all-around monitoring, parking security and more. Additionally, many condos offer extra amenities like fitness rooms, spas, pools, lounges and restaurants in a resort-like manner. These features make condo units feel like resort-hotels. The hotel-like ambiance is a reason why the condo-hotel concept is popular in Las Vegas; when the units are not occupied or up for sale, they can be rented out for short-term visitors.

The Price Is Right

The stereotypical assumption for condo living is that high-rise owners are solely those from the cream of the crop. People think that these lofty units are only available to the rich and elite. The closer these homes are to the heart of any urban center or entertainment area, the more expensive they can be. This means that only those with a lot of cash to spend can own a condo unit.

On the contrary, many of the newer condominium units have affordable room prices that can be reached even by starting families. The myth of the ultra-exclusive high-rise room overlooking most of the city is now gone; apart from penthouse-type suites, many rooms have prices that can compete with most single-family properties elsewhere. In addition, many of these competitively-priced residential complexes are located right in the heart of The Strip and other urban hotspots, making them much more attractive to buyers.

Keep It Maintained

There are people who agonize about having to regularly work or rework their front lawn or their piping system due to a sudden breakdown. Home maintenance is a key point of contention when it comes to negotiating for a home purchase; different properties have varying maintenance needs, after all. Homeowners are not exactly excited at the idea of having to mow their lawn or sweep away leaves or plough out the snow in the driveway.

These kinds of regular maintenance and upkeep issues can convince prospective buyers to switch over to condo units easily. With high-rises, unit owners only have to worry about basic maintenance tasks, while paying off somebody else to do the majority of it as part of their regular HOA fees. This usually includes renovation jobs and major fixture repairs, although some condominium units allow their residents to do some limited DIY work. Still, high-rise owners have fewer worries when it comes to maintenance, and it still attracts buyers.

Luxury condominiums offer a unique blend of urbane residential living in an active city like Las Vegas. Even so, these kinds of residences may not appeal to everyone. Take time to look into these residences before going ahead with any real estate purchase.