Las Vegas has always been known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and Sin City because of its bustling casinos, entertainment hotspots, and lively nightlife. People the world over, and from all walks of life converge in this city to spend some time away from the trappings of work and school and enjoy the sights and sounds. Suffice to say that Las Vegas is one of the liveliest cities anywhere, with no lack of new faces to see in town and almost no night passing by when nothing exciting is happening.

There is probably another reason why people can call Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World. To many famous celebrities, the city is a place they call home. Big names in various disciplines and industries have settled down at one point or another in the various luxury homes of Las Vegas. These aren’t just the occasional hotel-staying regular acts either; many of these famous faces have invested in their exclusive properties, enough to make these homes unique attractions on their own. Here are a few of the famous celebrity residences in the city.

Morelli House

The Morelli House

Not a lot of people may have heard of Antonio Morelli, but to many long-time residents of the city, he was as charming a celebrity as Sinatra or Copperfield. Morelli led the orchestra at the historic Sands Hotel and Casino’s Copa Room during the Rat Pack years, providing accompaniment to the famous singing supergroup, as well as other notable performers of the time. Aside from his success as a band leader, Morelli would frequently provide support to local charities alongside his wife Helen, earning him a reputation as a philanthropist as well. He helped found many local support groups and goodwill associations in the city, aided in many social service projects, and even donated his home for cultural preservation. Today, the Morelli House stands as an iconic symbol of the mid-Century Modern style that prevailed in Las Vegas during Morelli’s heyday. Originally located along Country Club Drive during the 60s and 70s, it has since been moved to East Bridger Avenue by a local charity after its original plot was bought by Wynn Las Vegas. The home retains many of its original fittings and furnishings, and even its original colors are preserved. It is a great spot to visit for fans of the classic architecture styles that prevailed during the 1960s.

Howard Hughes’ Penthouse… and Personal Hotel

The Desert Inn Hotel

If there is one person that can be said to have changed the face of Las Vegas, Howard Hughes is definitely on the shortlist. The eccentric businessman, film tycoon and aviation pioneer invested a lot of his money in Nevada’s real estate market, going so far as to buy a large tract of land where he planned to build a new business empire. The bought land was developed by Hughes’ executors after his death in 1976, eventually transforming the once arid location into sunny and lively Summerlin. Hughes attained a notoriety for being one of The Strip’s most reclusive residences, going so far as to purchase the entirety of the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino after going beyond his original ten-day stay-in period. For years he negotiated sales and purchases of other residential and entertainment spots throughout the Valley, never leaving his room and rarely even accepting friends and relatives into it. After his death, the Desert Inn would remain active, passing on from his company to several others who conducted massive renovations on the establishment, before finally being demolished in the early 2000s to make room for The Wynn. The loss of the Desert Inn can be said as a final farewell to the turbulent last years of Hughes, who grew extremely paranoid and distrustful of people around him.

Liberace’s Mansion

Liberace's personal bedroom

Liberace is known worldwide for his grandiose performances and equally extravagant lifestyle. His flashy costumes and eye-catching pieces aren’t the only things that exemplify how he lived his life to the fullest, however. When the famed pianist and all-around entertainer commissioned the construction of his new Las Vegas home, he pulled no stops. The massive estate is adorned with classical architectural designs, high-end fixtures, glass chandeliers, mirror-filled halls, an extravagant bath, religious items, and a mural based on the Sistine Chapel’s very own ceiling right in his bedroom. The man was a devout Catholic all his life, and it is reflected in his property. The home has thankfully been revived to its former glory thanks to a British businessman who currently owns the home.

Teller’s Trick House

Teller's trick home

Former Latin Teacher and iconic illusionist Teller may not be much of a talker during his performances with long-time partner Penn Jillette, but his fame and following pretty much speaks for him. They’ve been a regular act at the Rio for nearly two decades, gaining their own special theater where they host their shows. Both performers chose to live out around Las Vegas, with Penn cozying it up with his family in a colorful estate outside town while Teller commissioned this unique-looking unit up on the hills overlooking the city. Aside from the unusual construction, Teller’s home is filled with many features that are more reminiscent of a carnival attraction than a home: hidden doors, trick rooms, maze-like mirrors, screaming skulls and more.  It is a trickster’s home, and is definitely one of the unique residences that stand out among the many exclusive homes in Las Vegas.

Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal’s Bulletproof Estate

Lefty Rosenthal's living room

Professional sports bettor, long-time casino executive and all-around notorious figure Frank Rosenthal made a name for himself as both a businessman partnered with many ventures all across the city and a high-end criminal personality with ties to infamous organized crime groups. He dabbled in the lifestyle of the rich and famous, being a regular at many of the casinos that he co-owned. When he was not out doing business or enjoying himself at the various Vegas entertainment hotspots, he would spend his time in his personal Vegas Valley Drive property. Don’t let the fancy finish and lavish furnishings fool you; this home is less of a mansion and more of a fortress. The walls, mirrors and doors were bulletproofed to prevent assassinations; rooms were soundproofed to deter against eavesdroppers; secret gun stashes were installed for easier access. Aesthetically pleasing yet deceptively well-protected, Rosenthal’s luxury residential legacy remains to be one of the better-preserved homes in Las Vegas. Its various owners have taken pains to maintain its unique features.

The Entertainment Capital of the World has always been a melting pot for larger-than-life personalities, both iconic and infamous. However, their personas aren’t the only things to look out for in this city. Their homes, whether former or current, tell a great story behind the public faces that people see every day. Now may be a good time to check out these iconic Las Vegas homes!