The first quarter of the year is almost over, and May is just around the corner. The Las Vegas luxury real estate scene has been active these past four months, and a lot of newsworthy events have shaken the market up. Low buying inventory and high competition among both buyers and sellers have kept sales good but in check. Meanwhile, reduced foreclosure rates and the low chances of a bubble may point to continued brisk market activity for the coming months or even years.

Things have been looking up top in Henderson, as well. The steady stream of new homes available for sale, no matter how few they may be, means that several top-quality properties are now available for purchase or negotiations. These properties offer the best choices in comfort and style, and what’s more, they’re located in many excellent areas throughout town. Have a look below and see the latest featured properties up for sale.

38 Sankaty Circle Henderson, Nevada

38 Sankaty Court
Nothing beats the spring sun like a dip in a spacious pool, surrounded by greeneries and with an excellent view of the night sky. If the prospective luxury home buyer is looking for this add-on to their planned purchase, then this two-story wonder at 38 Sankaty Circle is the top choice. This spacious tan-hued property has the resort-like feel going for it, with multiple beds and baths located throughout the home. The built-in barbecue offers great dining options for special events, while the patio gives another angle for relaxing on lazy afternoons or slow evenings. The $2,385,000 price tag is definitely worth every penny.

8 Paradise Valley Court Henderson, Nevada

8 Paradise Valley Court
Fancy isn’t even enough to describe this upscale Anthem home. Right off the bat, visitors are welcomed by shiny marble tiles and ornate wooden and metal fixtures. Large, intricately-designed windows allow for natural light to shine in on bright days. The kitchen is a dream spot, with fancy cupboards and overhangs contrasting with the fine stone countertops. A front desk-like bar sits in the living room for the enjoyment of guests. Beds have hardwood flooring, standing in stark contrast to the connected baths and walk-in closets. A private office, a gameroom, an exercise hub, and an ornate backyard pool round up this home’s unique features. This property is a true steal at just $2,500,000.

2 Awbrey Court Henderson, Nevada

2 Awbrey Court
This hacienda-like promenade may look like a set taken straight out of a cheesy soap opera, but it’s actually a lot more than that. Located at Awbrey Court, this massive residential complex is the epitome of desert-inspired living. Fancy stone and wood carvings abound all around the property, accentuating certain segments of the home and further adding to the hacienda atmosphere. The interiors, floorings, ceiling and wall fixtures, and rooms feel more like something out of an upper-class hotel, yet they evoke a homely feel that anyone can look forward coming home to. The patio’s majestic view of the surrounding neighborhood and The Strip just adds to the pleasantries. All these come at a somewhat hefty price, of course: prospective owners will have to look at $4,999,500 before they can own this beauty.

1332 Villa Barolo Avenue Henderson, Nevada

1332 Villa Barolo Avenue
Innovative architecture always finds a way in Las Vegas, and this Seven Hills property is a clear example of that. This is a modern-style townhouse that infuses both the natural look of the surroundings with a futuristic and urbane approach to design. Many of the rooms are illuminated by light coming in from the large glass pane doors and windows. Outdoor guest areas are nestled in a combination of desert plant life, reflecting pools, and solid wood-and-concrete walls. The interior features a minimalist approach, which fits with the entire aesthetic. This efficiency-centric home comes at the price of $2,874,375.

14 Paradise Valley Court Henderson, Nevada

14 Paradise Valley Ct
Nestled in the treeline surrounding the famous Anthem Country Club, this brick-exterior townhouse is deceptively small when viewed from the front lawn. A look inside, however, blows those initial impressions out of the water. The entry hall is adorned with ornate metalworks. The passageways and doors are all surrounded by carved hardwood, and the floor is covered in marble and stone. The kitchen is a chef’s dream, fitted with modern appliances that can help whip out winning meals. Walk-in closets, fancy baths, private studies and comfortable bedrooms abound. The backyard is the perfect getaway hidden in plain sight by the trees: owners can take a dip in the cool pool or lay back and relax on the Jacuzzi without worrying about intrusions or prying eyes. This fancy golf home is available for just $2,695,000, well within reach of young and successful professionals.

Henderson isn’t just the only place in town with new properties to offer. Explore the many other luxury residences that Las Vegas has today! There’s definitely something out there that is perfect for the enterprising luxury home buyer.