What is the ideal home interior design? To many, an ideal home interior is one that not only exudes a sense of comfort and style but is also functional and easy to maintain, to boot. To others, functionality is paramount above all else, and thus only a small amount of attention is given to aesthetic value. Personal preferences vary after all, and most homeowner preferences tend to be fairly unique.

Home interior styles tend to vary widely these days, especially with the New Year coming in with its own set of new and enticing ideas. Long-time owners of luxury real estate in Las Vegas can take this opportunity to spice up their interior decorations with a different take on the design. Perhaps taking inspiration from how celebrities do it can help?

Life of the Party

Most people equate the living room as one of the comfiest places to stay in when at home. To most homeowners, the living room is where they position their lounge chairs, recliners, or other comfortable furniture to have a relaxing time with family or friends. Apart from the bedroom, the living room is probably the best place in the house to reduce stress and take a load off from the usual trappings of work and daily worries.

However, some homeowners might be interested in turning the living room into less of a comfortable hideaway and more of a lively party-starter. Take noted socialite and reality television star Kortney Kardashian for example. Her idea of livening up her living room? Less comfort and more life: this subtle-looking setup may not be ideal for lazy afternoon book readings, but it’s the perfect spot for an early evening chat-and-chow with friends. The neutral and earth-like tones contrast very well with the natural lighting, and while the furniture layout may not be the type that depicts comfortability it still provides practicality and functionality for a family with three active children. This kind of living room setup might give ideas for people who prefer their living rooms to be vibrant and filled with activity.

Rough and Tumble

If there was a stereotype for the corporate-style homeowner, it would be this: neatly-filed fixtures, drab interior colors, and an overall polished feel, perhaps a little too polished. People tend to expect businessmen, studio bosses or diplomats to be always organized and impersonal, even in the privacy of their own home. This usually comes with the reputation; after all, higher-ups in business have to keep up a professional image.

Of course, if the savvy homeowner wants to loosen up a bit at home, there are many crafty ways to do it. Take noted fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg for example. Her personal library, which she uses to gain inspiration for her gorgeous works, is filled with vibrant colors and intricate pieces from various locations that she has visited over her long career. Her personal office uses a large wooden slab as its centerpiece; this acts as her office table, where she puts her inspirations unto paper. The varying amounts of unique trinkets paired with the odds-and-ends-style interior setup might suit people who prefer to have a change of pace for their home offices.

Sleeping like a Star

The bedroom was, is, and always will be the room of last resort for any homeowner. It is the main sanctuary of privacy, the most intimate segment of the house, and the only other space in the property where people let loose and be themselves. People take great pains to make sure that their bedrooms are spruced up with the best that they can come up and add to it, but some end up with generic settings that tend to take out the life in these rooms.

When it comes to sprucing up the bedroom, these celebrities tend to take it all the way. Hilary Swank’s bed spot combines vintage with silk, a contrast to Keri Russell’s space which combines IKEA fixtures with antiques purchases and custom-made designs. Sarah Jessica Parker’s bright white setup is a perfect inspiration for traditionalists, while Candace Bushnell’s unit goes muted in its color palette, a good point of reference for those looking to change up their appearances further.

There are so many neat and inspiring ideas out there when it comes to shaking up the interiors of a luxury home. Famous personalities and stars are just one starting point; there are many other great points of references to discover and learn from. May this 2017 be a good year for sprucing up the home!