Purchasing Las Vegas luxury property isn’t just a simple case of looking up a new home for sale and paying the old owner or the developer for it. Before going into the process of buying a home, keep in mind that there are a few items to check out first and foremost. A few of the key pre-purchasing items that a potential buyer needs to tick off are listed below.

Price Range

A luxury property’s listed price always comes first on any pre-buying plan. The potential home buyer cannot proceed with the transaction if he or she is short of funds for the home that he or she intends to purchase. Seek out a pre-approved mortgage plan from a trusted loan officer to make the purchasing burdens lighter. The loan officer can also provide a detailed financing plan that lists out the down-payment and initial payment plan that best suits the buyer’s purchasing power. Having a pre-approved loan and a solid payment plan to offer makes it easier for the buyer to negotiate with the homeowner, ensuring that the sale can be closed. Check out the Mortgage Center to learn more about financing options.

Listing Priorities

With the mortgage plan set, it’s time to determine what needs to be in the home that you plan to purchase. Keep tabs of various home items that you might need in your future home, and tally them from most to least vital. The most vital items will be key essentials in any home, like reliable bathroom fixtures, an easy-to-work-with kitchen and direct accessibility to schools and commercial centers. Keep tabs of which of your prospective home purchases have the most number of vital items to help you narrow down your buying options.

Home Tours

A vital part of the pre-purchasing phase is the home tour. This helps the buyer get a feel of the luxury real estate that he or she plans to purchase, and makes it easier for him to decide whether to back out of a possible bad transaction or to pursue a new home deal. Home tours can be done through several methods, including open houses hosted by the land developer or homeowner, online home catalogues, and scheduled tours. The last method is often conducted with the help of the buyer’s agent, who coordinates the scheduling for the house visit and recommends which properties to look into first.