About Peyton Price:

Why choose me:
Peyton has been awarded Most Trusted Employee when she worked retail, and Student of the Month for Friendship when in High School. Peyton takes pride in making people happy, so if that means she needs to be available 24/7, then she will be. She is someone you can count on and put your faith in. When the going get’s tough, she’ll wipe away all your worries.

Peyton has a willingness to work with anyone and everyone who is ready to make their dreams come true. Real estate is not only in her blood, but it’s her passion. She has been attending Seminars such as Tom Ferry and Ninja, in order to make sure she is not missing out on anything that could help her clients. Peyton’s father was a contractor in Oregon for most of her life which fostered her love for real estate. She has called Nevada home for the last five years and looks forward to many more. Wether you are just looking or interested in buying Peyton will make your real estate experience amazing.

Being a millennial Peyton has a very strong technical background, not to mention her degree in business from Texas A&M. She is very well rounded in sports as well, growing up Peyton played golf, soccer, basketball, tennis, soccer, and competitive swim. Today she still practices her chipping on the green and her backhand on the court. Another pass time of Peyton’s is to walk her dog Hank in the park or host a community gathering.